What is Creative Kinesiology?

Creative Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle monitoring (applying light pressure to certain muscles of the body) to trace symptoms of the body, heart and mind back to their origin. Here we witness how these symptoms came into being and address their cause by utilising the body's innate healing mechanism. Using a blend of Ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, energy healing techniques and a range of other modalities I've trained in, Creative Kinesiology addresses all levels -  body, mind, emotions, nutrition, energy systems, spirit and soul - assisting us to come back into balance and thereby restoring health.

Creative Kinesiology is the most effective, self-honouring and self-empowered approach to healing I have personally discovered. In our sessions together we will be working with the 95% of your being (*), that can't be reached through the conscious mind. Here, in the realm of the body and the unconscious mind, everything we've ever experienced and anything we need in order to heal, is held. Your body is going to lead the way to track and find the root of the symptoms/problems you are bringing. Once this has been witnessed, your body will show us how to trigger your innate self-healing mechanism - something we all posses. When the body has been listened and responded to, it will no longer need to express itself through symptoms/problems.

(* science has shown that 95% of our brains activity is beyond conscious awareness. Here is a video, explaining this in depths: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qz7X74bAXBs)


What can Creative Kinesiology do for me?

The cells in our bodies hold a memory of being in a healthy state. Any physical, mental or emotional symptom is a sign of an imbalance in our systems. In Creative Kinesiology we trace symptoms, such as tiredness, allergies, anxiety, depression,physical pain, complex illnesses, etc., back to their origin. This also applies to the loss of physical and mental abilities (such as being able to hit a golf ball, memory or speech). Utilising the bio-feedback mechanism of your body, we communicate with your innate wisdom to identify what is keeping you from being in your natural healthy state. We then let it guide us step by step to bring you back into balance. 

What happens in a Creative Kinesiology session?

Your first session will begin with an initial 20 minute free consultation followed by an 1hr session. In the consutation we talk about why your are coming and what you would like to address in our work together. We will also complete a short personal history form together, which I'll send you before. Then I will explain and demonstrate how I work. When we move into your session I will connect with your body by applying light pressure on your arm (or use a pendulum if it's an online session). We will establish your arm's (or the pendulum's) response to 'energy flowing' through your body and to 'no energy flowing'. Energy flowing equals a 'yes' from your body and energy not flowing equals a 'no'. With this we can ask your body any question and discover the story behind your symptoms. Once we have witnessed your story we ask your body what will trigger it's inate healing mechanism. This may be holding certain points on your body, certain movements, certain foods, energy balancing or a myriad of other gentle non-invasive techniques and treatments.

A general indicator of how many sessions your might need is the time the imbalance you want to address has been with you. If it's something acute, you might achieve what you want in one - three sessions. If it's been with you for a long time or you are going through a transition in your life, healing will be process.You will be entering a process of re-adjusting, which takes time. In this case I recommend at least three sessions of Creative Kinesiology initially. I will check in with you at the end of your first session to establish if Creative Kinesiology is working for and if you'd like to continue. We will then also have an idea of what session length (1hr or 1.5hrs) and spacing would work best for you.