Healing Insight Guidance

  • Change patterns or habits that don't serve you anymore
  • work out your next step in life 
  • restore your health and emotional wellbeing
  • support your children to be happy and fulfilled

Creative Kinesiology:

Our bodies have the innate ability to sustain balance and therefore health. Physical or mental symptoms are a sign that we have lost our balance. Whether you are suffering from tiredness, allergies, anxiety, depression, physical pain, a serious illness, loss of an ability or anything else, your body knows how to heal itself. In Creative Kinesiology we utilise the bio-feedback mechanism of your body, to 'track' symptoms back to a place deep inside, where they originate from. Having witnessed that place, your body will show us the trigger for your self-healing mechanism, to bring you back into balance and therefore health. 

Astrological Counselling:

The reason our lives don't turn out the way we want them to, are our unresolved conflicts, operating deep inside our Unconscious. We experience those as patterns and habits we seem to have no control over, which make our lives extremely difficult at times. They also surface as physical and mental illness. In an Astrological Consultation we bring those conflicts into your conscious awareness, where they lose their power over you. Together we'll find ways for you to work with those patterns and habits constructively, instead of them taking over your life. An Astrology Reading will guide you to take the next step in life or give you insight into a problem you a grappling with.

Movement Medicine:  

This kind of dance is a spiritual practice, where we focus our awareness in our bodies. Here we connect with our essence, let it find its dance and allow it to take shape through our bodies. In this state of connection we are no longer run by our thoughts, judgments, or worries, but one with this moment. This enables the physical and emotional body to heal, our creativity to unfold and our true self to shine.

Astrological consultations are available world wide via skype.    

Creative Kinesiology and Movement Medicine in the Exeter (UK) area.

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What have the planets got to do with me? Just a few hundred years ago before mind and body got split in western culture we perceived the world as an interconnected organism.